After 23 years in cutting rooms, projection rooms, scoring stages and mix theatres, from Twickenham studios to Skywalker Ranch, Pinewood to SPR Montreal, I've gained a wide knowledge of what it takes to make the sound and the music happen for a large scale production.

If your production is to commission an originally composed music score I'd be delighted to supervise that complex, creative process. I can certainly remove a great deal of stress from you in this key area of your post-production and ensure a world-class outcome. 
Alternatively, if your production will be relying on production music library then I can consult on the creative approach to that; suggest libraries and put together an entire basket of music from which you can select, during the edit. On lock I can professionally tracklay the music output from the Avid/Final Cut/Lightworks, prior to the sound mix. I can also attend the mix and, following programme delivery, prepare any cue sheet/s. 
If you're trying to organise your post-production sound then similarly I can take the entire project through for you…Whether that's managing day-to-day practicalities, addressing the vital creative issues, or handling critical technical details, I will deliver for you.

Please Note: The one area outside my area of expertise or involvement is the legal/contractual aspect of putting a score together; most specifically over the contractual/financial terms of hiring a composer. This would be handled by the producer and the composer's representative/agent.