Employing a specialist music score supervisor/editor on your production is one of the smartest moves you could make. Why?…

While at first it might seem like a net cost, it'll actually save you lots of money overall: Contact me to talk about how…
Stress reduction:
Knowing you've got someone 100% qualified and focussed on this specialist area means you've one less department to worry about.

You've employed specialists throughout your production process; from storyboard artist to production designer, make-up artist to costume designer, DOP to picture editor; no doubt to ensure reliable and professional results. A score supervisor/editor should be regarded as necessary for exactly the same reasons.
Money and Temp Scoring:
If you professionally temp-score your evolving picture edit you will save lots of money. Especially in the critical period where you're trying to get execs to sign-off on picture lock, or when you are preparing a cut for a public preview screening, before final sound post begins.

Without change a frame of footage, a properly researched, edited and level-balanced temp score will make your show feel subliminally (but massively) more coherent and much more like a finished product. This in turn has a massively re-assuring and confidence-inspiring effect on anyone who sees the cut.

In my experience, temping your show properly will on average reduce your time to lock by at least two weeks. Absolutely no question… And how much is a week's off-line cutting room time, including personnel, room and equipment? Thousands of £/$/€'s.

The relatively small upfront cost of approx. £1500-£2000 for temping is thus rendered tiny compared with the net saving.