Professional Focus

My considerable breadth of experience which gives me a rare combination of skills that makes me a valuable member of any post team and in the mix theatre.

I relish the responsibility of taking a whole project through from inception to final delivery, with all the accompanying creative, technical and organisational challenges that involves. 

I've always been fascinated by how the many component parts of post-sound come together to tell a moving image story more effectively. I deliberately set out to experience all the main roles in sound post and have done so; the aim being to equip myself with the broad knowledge necessary to take on the role of supervising sound editor. 

My accompanying passions for literature and the craft of screenwriting have meant my focus has always been on feature film, long-form, scripted television and documentary.


A new area for me is the burgeoning world of computer/video games. From a simple game on a phone, to triple-A titles on PC or console, all games have music and sound at their centre.  

However, where films are a passive experience, consumed over a fixed 90 minutes, games are active, offering player choice. This results in inherent randomness and, often, non-linear story paths and outcomes. As a consequence, creating the sound or music for them requires new ways of thinking, new skills and specialist software tools. These things I'm putting at the heart of my professional development in 2016.

Brief Bio

I've been told that from a very early age I seemed rather more tuned in than normal to the world of sound. It was perhaps then unsurprising that I readily took to music; studying piano and clarinet and thoroughly wearing out my parents' record collection.

My next piece of good fortune was being a teen in the 80's, just as MIDI and affordable synthesizers etc. arrived on the scene. These put amazing new sound creation tools at the fingertips of an instantly captivated 12-year-old.

Studying music and recording in the early 90's again proved serendipitous, as the  DAW were appearing and the first digital cinema soundtrack formats were being launched. These developments became my route into the world of post-production sound, which I studied in depth. These studies occasioned the first of many subsequent visits to Hollywood and the first of two to the legendary Skywalker Ranch.

Since then I've never looked back and music and sound for the moving image continues to be my passion as well as a career.